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M5 Delivery Program Experience by Lenn Hass (01/17/2000)
Originally posted on the UUC Digest Lenn wrote of his experience when he was asked by Josh Tabin to be his guest at the new BMW Performance Center in Spartanburg, SC for an M5 intro, plant tour and car control school.

Desperately Seeking Smoothness Re-printed from Die Zeitung
Smoothness in high performance driving situations translates into better handling, higher speeds, and more fun in performance driving situations.

What the Snell Re-printed from der BAYERISCHE BRIEF. article by JD Walter.
Safety is a the primary concern at any driving event. The following article explains all you need to know to help you select the right helmet for the right application.

M - Not Just 007's Boss, It's the Mark of a Very Special BMW Re-Printed from GrassRoots Motorsports
A walk down "M"emory lane, this article outlines the evolution of the M cars.

Importing a BMW into Europe by Carsten Hanghoj
A chapter members experience bringing his to Denmark.

Understanding Your VIN Re-printed from the Whispering Bomb (Los Angeles)
How to break down and understand your Vehicle Identification Number

Installing Brake Ducts On Your E30 M3 by Roger Ness
A great overview of how to install brake ducts on an E30 M3. While BMW produces a great product, additional brake cooling will help reduce fade for this hard working car.

Model Designations from Bluegrass Bimmers
This is a list of BMW chassis and engine information. Using this table you can find what model designation your car is e.g. a 1998 M3 then your model designation is E36 and you have an M52 B32 engine in your car.