Event Details:

Event: Driving Event at Autobahn Country Club
Date: Sat-Sun, May 20-21
Location: Autobahn Country Club
Address: 3795 CenterPoint Way
  The Windy City BMW Club Driving Events Committee is happy to announce that BMW of Schererville will be the Primary Sponsor of our two HPDEs in 2017.  We look forward to their support and their participation at the Autobahn Country Club in May and July.  Their dealership at 1400 Independence Blvd. in Schererville, IN, is just completing a full facility remodel.  Stop by for a visit. http://www.bmwofschererville.com/
   Registrati http:// on for both the May 20 & 21, and July 31, HPDE events at Autobahn (ACC) are open NOW at motorsportreg.com. http://savethedate.windycitybmw.com provides more details, and it is also the registration source for our track-side car show.  We will be driving the south track the on weekend in May and the full track on that Monday in July.  Full-track means linking the north & south circuits to give you 3+ miles of fast straights and exciting corners.  
 **May - Two days in your car on a nearby race track with 5 on-track sessions scheduled per day
**May - You can register for just 1 day if your schedule won't allow for the full weekend of fun
**May - The Saturday night dinner is open to all drivers, family, friends with a cash bar– you must register at motorsportreg.com
**May - A professional mechanic from Rauch Auto Care will be at the track should you need help during the weekend
**May - ACC has go-karts that can be rented and driven on their own track
**May - Not tracking your car – shine up your favorite ride and display it at the car show on Saturday – registration will be through  http://savethedate.windycitybmw.com
**Two drivers can share a car in a run group and only pay one entry fee – just register one driver then e-mail 
HPDE@windycitybmw.com with the other name and info
**Drivers will slot into one of 3 skill levels - novice-red, intermediate-yellow, experienced-green
**Experienced drivers will pay a bit more, BUT they get more track time since they can also run with the instructor group
 *Individual instructors will be assigned to novice drivers to help the new guys and gals acclimate to the event
**Individual instructors will initially be assigned to intermediate drivers to help them bring up their skill levels
**Experienced drivers may select an instructor from a separate pool during any track session – who do you want to learn from?
**While not on track, each driver will be able to attend high speed driving techniques workshops to discuss how to bump up their skill level
**Each run group will also have a Google Earth “Geo Racetracking” presentation (an analysis of each section of the Autobahn course) by one of ACC’s staff professionals
**Track Touring at lunchtime lets you drive family/friends around the circuit to show them what this fun is all about.  Speed limited to 50 MPH.  Demonstrate your skills – don’t terrorize!
** Schedule your car for our usual pre-tech inspection at 
7th Gear Auto Repair on April 29th for the May event and on July 22 for the July HPDE; or you can schedule your tech inspection at the track on the first day you drive
   Note that some insurance carriers are suspending closed course coverage, but if you want it, stated-value track insurance is available for the weekend, plus they have multi-event pricing – see the link as you register to drive.
   ACC is close enough to drive home on Saturday night, but there are plenty of local hotel for those not up for evening driving – reservations are on your own.
   Street cars only.  No convertibles unless equipped with a hardtop AND an SCCA-style roll bar setup.  If you have questions, check with us before you register.  Seat belts – if you have a 4, 5 or 6-point harness, you must have equal for your instructor.  Helmets must be worn (SNELL 2010 or 2015).  We’ll have some free loaner helmets available for your use.  ACC rents helmets – check with them directly.  Drivers must be at least 18 years old.  
   Please sign up NOW for these exciting events because registration will be limited per experience level to approximately 25 drivers and the instructor group will be similarly limited.  About 20% of our slots are already taken.  Wait lists will be opened as the groups fill.